What is the difference between an original and a resin cast?

Each sculpture starts as an original, one-of-a kind creation. The materials used to create an original sculpture are typically Apoxie Sculpt (an epoxy resin) or polymer clay. A resin cast is a copy of the original, created by making a silicone mold of the piece, then "casting" or filling the mold with a liquid resin compund. When cured, the resin copy is removed from the mold, then carefully sanded to remove any seam marks.

Why don't you offer resin copies of all your originals?

Some pieces are more conducive to making copies than others. For example, an owl with thin, delicate talons would be very difficult to cast without being marred by air bubbles forming in the mold. Other pieces have complex shapes that are difficult to de-mold. As I gain experience, I will create more sculptures with the casting process in mind.

What makes your wine stoppers special?

My creations are unique to me, and not copied from other sources. The stopper portion of my sculptures are made in the U.S.A. of solid stainless steel. Unlike cheaper, chrome-plated styles, these will not chip, flake or pit. They can be used for oil and vinegar bottles as well. I put a great deal of time into each piece, from sculpting to casting and painting each one by hand. I also take pride in my packaging and shipping, and do my very best to make sure your purchase is a fun and enjoyable experience!

Do you take custom orders?

Not at this time. For now, I simply want to make the things I imagine and share them.


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