About The Artist
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Hi!  I'm Leslie Sealey and I love art in all its forms. I've explored many different media over the years, from photography to painting, printmaking and sculpture.  After many years as a traditional oil painter, I am exploring new ways to create my art.

I'm sculpting a world of 18th-century bird characters in addition to sculpting traditional animal forms. The sculptures are one-of-a-kind, hand painted pieces usually done in polymer clay.  Occasionally I will mold and cast in resin sculptures that I think are exceptional (such as my Countess Cooey sculpture edition).  

For the time being, this will be a portfolio site.  I sculpt as I can, but until some projects are completed (house building, for one), I have to put sales and website management aside.  The best way to keep up with my latest work is to follow me on Instagram! Click the IG icon in the upper-left portion of the screen to follow @sealeyart.  I hope you enjoy my creations!